I Want Rainbow Hair!

Are you thinking of joining the fashion colour tribe?

Let’s learn about all things mermaid, unicorn and rainbow!


Before we start, it’s important to know is that these colours can be hard work to not only achieve but maintain. We’re writing this so you can educate yourself about these colours, not to scare you off!

The term “fashion colour” can refer to rainbow shades, pastel tones, silver grey and all multi-coloured shades in between!

To start with, your hair will need to be a very light blonde! Some colours will require a clean white platinum with no residual yellow undertones. The journey to blonde can be its own colour correction to begin with!

Your hair will need to be in healthy condition to hold fashion colours. These kinds of colours are usually not mixed with a developer and only latch on to the outer surface of your hair. Now, because of where these colours “sit” on your hair, they will not last as long as a “regular” colour (think blonde, brown or black.)

You will need to invest in plenty of at-home aftercare! This means salon quality shampoos and colour refreshers. To keep your colours vibrant and funky, you may need to use coloured shampoo/treatment/conditioner to replenish your tones.

You will be visiting us in the salon more frequently too! And if pastel tones are more your flavour, you may only get 2-3 weeks out of your colour as pastels contain less pigment.

It’s also an idea to avoid white linen and pillowcases; especially when your hair is wet! Limiting your heat styling (hairdryers, straighteners and curling wands) will help to prolong the life of your colour.

Still think you’ve got what it takes to be a unicorn?

Bright coloured hair is definitely a lifestyle and does require a certain amount of dedication. But just think about all the benefits of having a unicorn mane. You will receive loads of attention and compliments about your wild colour! Strangers will approach you and want to touch your mermaid locks and ask you all about your colour! You will inspire people around you to experiment with their colour and try something new!

So go on, add a little sparkle to your hair next appointment!

written by @dani_profilehair

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