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Hair Extensions Information and Aftercare

Hair extensions are an investment, and the lifespan of your hair is dependent on how well you look after them.


DO NOT wet or wash your hair for 48 hours after application. This time ensures the tape adhesive will bond securely.

DO NOT use protein based shampoos. Always use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. Protein shampoos will dry out your extensions and they will become knotted. Avoid volume, deep cleanse or anti-dandruff shampoos. Your stylist will recommend a suitable shampoo and conditioner.

DO NOT apply conditioner near the roots or on the tape part of the extensions. This will cause them to slip out.

Extensions cannot be bleached or lightened, only coloured darker by your stylist. We recommend matching the extensions to your hair colour. If you are changing your hair colour we recommend to colour match the extensions AFTER you have reached your target colour.

Extensions will need to be retaped and moved up every 6-10 weeks. This may vary depending on how much your extensions have grown out in this time. If your extensions are left any longer than this they can tangle and matt up and they will have to be removed, rendered unusable.

When washing your hair always use gentle downward movements, taking care not to scrub or use vigorous circular motions to avoid tangling. Squeeze out excess water in a downwards motion, never rub dry with a towel.

You must ALWAYS blowdry and straighten your hair after washing. You cannot let your extensions dry naturally or remain damp for too long. DO NOT sleep with wet or damp hair. Place your hair in a loose braid or a low ponytail for bed.

You will need to brush your hair multiple times daily, holding the roots and starting at the ends of your hair to gently remove any tangles.

DO NOT apply heat from hairdryers, straighteners or curling tools on the tape part of your extension. This can damage your own hair underneath.

AVOID swimming in salt or chlorine water with your extensions. Salt and chlorine will dry out your extensions and cause them to matt and tangle.

Hair extensions require extra maintenance and dedication to upkeep. You are required to ALWAYS blowdry and straighten your hair after every shampoo to ensure the lifespan of your extensions. Your homecare directly affects the longevity of your extensions and we cannot guarantee your extensions if you are not using recommended products..

To achieve the best results with hair extensions we recommend that your hair is coloured by our stylists as we can achieve an even colour to better match with extensions. The longer your own hair is, the better it will blend with the extensions. While we can apply extensions to shorter hair, they may not blend as well as they could if your hair was at least shoulder length or longer.

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