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Yes, by all means any ideas or references are always useful although we will always find reference of different styles for you and give you ideas what is possible in our consultation
Shampoo you buy from a supermarket or that is off the shelf not recommended by your stylist, is not always the right one for your hair type. For example, you may think you need highly moisturising shampoo but if your hair is fine this is the worst shampoo for you as it weighs your hair down and can make your hair stretchy. Also, supermarket shampoos are of high in inferior ingredients that can react with your colour application or even fade your newly applied service.
Professional hair colour is so much more than an application.
The professional colourist will use hair colour that is designed to leave your hair feeling soft smooth, the science behind ingredients used in professional hair colour has been developed for the highest quality results, we can also customise your personal colour to suit your skin tone and our expertise will understand your personal hair reflect, that will effect your results.
For example, a lot of blondes reflect orange when lifting, your stylist will consider this and use a colour containing violet to counteract this. Also, chemist hair colour is stronger to cover stubborn greys on your root area, this should never be used on fragile mid lengths and ends. Your stylist will judge this accordingly when colouring your hair and use a more gentle product on your mid lengths and ends
High lift hair colour naturally will always turn yellow or orange with time, even if your stylist has lifted your hair to white from the start, in a lot of cases it’s advise to use a toner or toning shampoo to maintain a clean blonde colour, this contains violet or blue tones to mask the yellow or orange tone, but this also will wash out with time, as the molecule in this pigment are very tiny and it’s difficult for your hair to hold on to them , this can be improved by using a good quality shampoo and conditioner and regular treatments this is good advise to maintain any colour service
Blonde shampoo is designed to eliminate yellow and orange tones that spoil the look of your blonde result, the way in which this works is your blonde shampoo will contain a small amount of violet and blue tone, violet will counteract yellow tones and blue will counteract orange, the amount of violet or blue is needed is governed by the amount of yellow or orange tone is in your hair, if you only have a small amount of yellow and you use a large amounts of blue tone this will send you hair over-toned which can result in blue hair also these shampoo are really not suitable for grey or white hair or if your hair has no yellow or orange pigment at all
Depending on the level or amount of orange or yellow that is in your hair, It is governed by the amount of violet or blue in your toning shampoo some only contain small amounts of violet, these are more suited to counteract yellow pigment an neutralise your results, but if you hair is very orange you will need more blue pigment in your shampoo.
But be careful if you’re hair has both orange and yellow because the blue pigment needed to neutralise the orange could make the yellow in your hair either blue or even green
Always consult with your stylist your concerns.

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