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Shampoo: What’s The Big Deal?

Have you ever wondered why hairdressers don’t like supermarket shampoos

We’re here to explain why!


Let’s start with how shampoo and conditioner works on your hair. Shampoo cleanses oil and product residue from your hair, it opens the cuticle of your hair and works on the internal structure, and it replenishes and feeds your hair structure.
Treatments work on the internal structure of your hair. They rebuild and moisturise from the inside out.
Conditioner works on the cuticle or the outermost layer of your hair. It smooths down the surface and adds shine. Leaving conditioner on overnight on damaged hair will not fix it!

Hairdressers don’t like supermarket shampoos because they contain silicones and all sorts of nasty additives! “Supermarket” can refer to a number of brands including Pantene, Garnier, Tresemme, Dove, Palmolive, Herbal Essences etc. They contain silicones that are NOT water soluble and will build up on your hair over time. In the ingredients list, it might say “dimethicone” or something similar. They create a plastic-y shine that gives the appearance of Barbie hair, they feel soft while you’re shampooing but this plastic reacts with salon colours. Darker colours may not be able to penetrate this barrier, and blondes can have even worse consequences! The silicone can heat up, steam or smoke, melt into a drippy liquid and can severely damage your hair. Check out the video below to see what we mean!

Supermarket shampoos also contain high percentages of sulphates. Sulphates are like detergents and are what make your shampoo super bubbly and lathery! High quantities of this ingredient will fade your colour and toner very quickly!
If you’ve just spent a pretty penny on your colour, do you really want to be throwing that money down the drain by using cheap shampoo? Salon professional products will help improve the condition of your hair and help your colours last longer. You’ve invested in your colour, it’s worth investing in good aftercare too

written by @dani_profilehair

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